Ludum Dare 43 - “Sacrifices must be made” Game Jam entry

In older strategy games, basic workers/peons are cheap to spawn… and early in a match they are the only method of exploration of the opponent’s base. Do you ever wondered how these scout peons feel?

Well in this game jam entry you can try!

In the game you are an insignificant peon, receiving orders from your lord commander. Your are sent on a scout mission and your objective is to investigate the next enemy outpost. At all cost.

However watchtowers and barracks are not that easily conquered...

What sacrifice are you willing to make for the greater good?

How to play

  1. Dive deep into enemy territory
  2. Find enemy whereabouts
  3. Reach the enemy base
  4. Be the sacrifice for the greater good


  • Use mouse to look around
  • [W][A][S][D] movement
  • Hold [Shift] to run
  • [Space] to jump
  • [Q] to complain
  • [E] to confirm commands

Use headphones for a better experience.

Have fun! :)

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- Kornel Meszaros @kornel_meszaros

- Tamas Szucs @tomfurrier


Download 36 MB
Download 39 MB


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Great graphics! Definitely remind me of Warcraft 3 hahaha :) The game mechanism is matching the theme but I think it can be more fun. Good job!