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Realm Shifters - Collect Orbs Edition

A Ludum Dare 35 - "Shapeshifter" GameJam entry

Mighty, the dragon, Berserk, the Viking and Coward, the Cow are walking in the Enchanted Forest of the Autumn Elves. Three body but one shared mind. They are collecting Magical Orbs to shift to the Abyssal Realm where they can gather the Soul Orbs to fully charge all of the Ancient Runestones to open the Really Dark Purple Vortex of Darkness. You know. Because reasons.

Realm Shifters is a third-person adventure game where you can shapeshift your avatar to overcome obstacles and switch between the natural and the spectral realms. With using the optimal shape you need to collect enough blue orbs to shift to the abyss. There you have to fill up the yellow runestones' energy to open the vortex.

How to play
1. Collect blue orbs to fill up the bar
2. Shift to the Abyssal Realm with the 'F' key
3. In the Abyssal Realm collect yellow orbs
4. Bring yellow orbs to the yellow runestones
5. Fill up all three runestone to open the Vortex

+1. Enjoy unconditional realm shifting

- Mouse: Look
- WASD: Movement
- Space: Jump
- 1, 2, 3: Avatar shapeshifting
- F: Realm Shifting when available

Use headphones for a better experience.

Have fun! :)


RealmShifters_Windows.zip 106 MB

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